Department of Bachelor of Vocation

Department of Bachelor of Vocation

What is BVoc Course ?

B.Voc which is also known as Bachelor of Vocational is a three-year undergraduate course which offers education for various skills. Candidates also have multiple exit options wherein they can leave after completing first year and second year and are awarded with a Diploma and Advanced Diploma, respectively.

Why pursue BVoc Course ?

Bachelor of Vocational course designed to employ graduates with employment and entrepreneurial skills. This course ensures youth participation to boost employment opportunities and accelerate the Indian economy. This course provides flexibility in terms of multiple exit points and meet industrial requirements.


B.Voc can be pursued by candidates who have passed Class 12 or equivalent in any stream. They must have the zeal to develop skills through practical work, job training and project work. They will acquire professional knowledge and Core Skills which will make them competent to enter into the market and cater to the demands.

Advantages of B.Voc course

  • The course helps the students to focus on practical skills.
  • It provides knowledge on respective subjects.
  • It gives an insight to the job requirements.
  • Gives relevant work experience.
  • The course focuses on specialized learning.
  • Makes an individual to become confident in his field.

Structure of the B.Voc. programme:

The B.Voc. degree programme is a Three years, six semester full-time programme.

Multiple Entry/Exit Options

This programme will be conducted successively in the levels ranging from level V to level VII. Each semester of the Programme contains skill component and general component.

Sr. No. Award Duration NSQF Level
1 Diploma 1 Year Level 5
2 Advance Diploma 2 Years Level 6
3 B.Voc Degree 3 Years Level 7
Sr. No. Name Of Course Duration Seats DTE Choice code
1 Software Development 3 Years 30 654519112
2 Data Science 3 Years 30 654519115
3 Industrial Automation 3 Years 30 654519129
4 Industrial Tool Manufacturing 3 Years 30 654519108