Department of Software Development

Department of Software Development

The field of software development now covers a number of fields involving many complicated operations serving a large number of industries – in fact it now covers all kinds of human activities we could think of. In the present world, the growth of any company has become very much dependant with software development efforts. It has been a long felt necessity to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates of higher education system have adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

B. Voc. in Software Development is a three years undergraduate programme that aims at imparting practical and industry-relevant skills in the domain of computer science and software development. The focus is more on imparting and emphasizing hands-on practical expertise rather than going for more inclination towards theoretical aspects.

On Job Training on following job roles :

Semester Job
Sem I Engineer Technical Support (Level 1) (SSC/Q0101)
Sem II Junior Software Developer (SSC/Q0508)
Sem III Test Engineer (SSC/Q1301)
Master Trainer for Software Developer (SSC/Q0509)
Sem IV QA Engineer (SSC/Q1302)
Associate-Recruitment (SSC/Q2501)
Sem V Software Engineer (SSC/Q4601)
Sem VI UI Developer (SSC/Q0502)

Top Recruiting areas

  • Application development
  • User Interface development
  • Software testing
  • Software analysis

Job Positions

  • Application developer
  • Website developer
  • Software tester
  • Android developer
  • UI designer