Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms

These tech-enabled smart classrooms are consists of a digital board attached to computers, a multi-media projector with the audio output device, and the software that connects all of these devices together. All of this enables the faculty members to impart high-quality education to the students. These smart classrooms are designed as per the guidelines of AICTE.

At each of our step, we are trying to adapt the “Hybrid Learning System” that essentially helps students to establish a better connection with the instructors. The smart classrooms also help in engaging students’ complete attention towards the lessons by presenting the course material more interestingly via multi-media systems.

Apart from technology, the architecture of our classrooms is also designed very systematically making them well ventilated and lit up. The classrooms are also very spacious and have high-quality furniture to accommodate the entire class strength with comfort.

Every classroom in the institute is ICT based. With nearly classrooms (17) Tutorial Rooms (08).

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