Department of Core Science and Engineering

Department of Core Science & Engineering


Dr. Madhuri More

Head of Department

The Department of core science and engineering executes the First Year Engineering course to lay a strong foundation in Core Engineering and Engineering Sciences. A transition from typical school environment to professional engineering environment takes place in the first year. An excellent infrastructure in terms of well-equipped laboratories, ICT enabled Classrooms supported by highly qualified staff provides students with an environment conducive for studying. We firmly believe that given the right direction and support to our students, every individual has the ability to excel. With this line of thought, we as faculty members of core science and engineering take up the responsibility of being a friend, philosopher and guide to students. Each student is assigned a mentor teacher. Hence the faculty becomes an integral part of the student’s overall development and performance.

Apart from academics, students are provided with the opportunities to participate in various co- curricular and extracurricular activities. To inculcate social values in students, national level events are organized with their active participation in Samarth Bharat Abhiyan, tree plantation, medical check-up, blood donation camps, visits to orphanages, old age homes and rehabilitation centres, etc. In addition, various student clubs provides platform for continuous nurture of potential young talents and unlock their passion in engineering sciences. Here the students get the best platform to explore them to excel in all domains of life. In line with the mission of Arvind Gavali college of engineering, the department propels the students to exploit these resources to the maximum and evolve as hard-core professionals with the valued principles.

Vision :

  • To provide comprehensive requisite knowledge of applied science to engineering students and strengthen their critical thinking required by respective discipline.

Mission :

  • Impart fundamental knowledge in engineering, applied science and develop basic skills to achieve professional excellence.
  • Develop team behavior and project planning abilities amongst students though hands on experience.
  • To inculcate ethical, universal values and sense of social responsibilities for overall personality development.