Central Workshop

Vision of Workshop

To be a Center of Excellence , in developing skilled engineers to serve the industry and society.

Mission of Workshop

  • To develop practical skills to match requirements of global industries through discipline , hard work,& safe work environment.
  • To create awareness amongst students about importance of workshop practice and its relevance to their professional life.
  • To inculcate all hard skills to excel as an excellent technocrat.
  • To enhance the quality of services offered to other departments.

AGCE- Central Workshop facility is a full-fledged workshop for hands on training with all basic and advanced manufacturing facilities/ to enhance the skills of students. It is well equipped to train the students from first year to advanced levels. Students are exposed to basic practical knowledge of fitting, carpentry, pattern making, smithy, welding and various machines in machine shop with rigorous practical work.

The Mechanical Workshop Comprises of the following facilities/ :

  • 1. Fitting Section with 20 Bench vices
  • 2. Carpentry Section has 14 Vices , wooden lathe Machine & a Circular Saw Machine
  • 3. Forging Section with Furnaces
  • 4. Sheet Metal Work
  • 5. Machine Shop with:
    • i) Lathe Machines : 21 Numbers
    • ii) Power Hack Saw Machine
    • iii) Drilling Machine
    • iv) Milling Machine
    • v) Shaping Machine
    • vi) Bench Grinding Machine
  • 6. Welding Section provide exercises on:
    • a) Oxy- Acetylene Gas Welding
    • b) Arc Welding Practice
    • c) TIG Welding Practice.
    • d) Cut-Off Machine
    • e) Spot Welding Machine.
  • 7. A Separate Class Room for Teaching & Learning.

Outcome of the Study of Workshop Practice

Course Outcome(CO)

  • CO-1 : Explain various Technical terms related to Wood Working
  • CO-2 : To prepare sample job using Welding Operation
  • CO-3 : To Practice various Fitting Operations
  • CO-4 : To Prepare Models using Sheet Metal Operations.
  • CO-5 : To apply the various Machining Operations on Lathe Machine

Program Specific Outcome ( PSO)

  • PSO-1 : To acquire competency in the usage of modern tools to optimally design , develop and manufacture products and processes.
  • PSO-2 : To demonstrate self-confidence and ability to engage professionally in Industries to emerge as an innovative entrepreneur.

Workshop Faculty:

Mr. Prashant Narayan
  • Name: Mr. Prashant Narayan
  • Designation: Workshop Superintend /Associate Professor
  • Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D(Pursuing)
  • Area of Expertise: Industrial Management and Safety
  • Experience: 17 Years
  • Phone: 8921979003
  • Email ID:
Sachin Pralhad Deshmukh
  • Name: Sachin Pralhad Deshmukh
  • Designation: Workshop Instructor
  • Qualification: ITI /B. VOC in Advance diploma
  • Area of Expertise: Welder
  • Experience: 9 Years
  • Phone: 7972302932
  • Email ID:
Shevate Sagar Y
  • Name: Shevate Sagar Y
  • Designation: WorkShopInstractor
  • Qualification: Diploma in Mechanical/production
  • Area of Expertise: I.C.Engines, CFD, Design Engineering
  • Experience: 20 Years
  • Phone: 8888595964
  • Email ID:
Sutar Sagar Balwant
  • Name: Sutar Sagar Balwant
  • Designation: Workshop Instructor
  • Qualification: 10th, ITI Carpenter, 12th, B.voc
  • Area of Expertise: Carpenter
  • Experience: 13 Years
  • Phone: 7757947196
  • Email ID:
Vinayak Ramsing Rajput.
  • Name: Vinayak Ramsing Rajput.
  • Designation: Workshop Instructor
  • Qualification: ITI Machinist, B.Voc Advance Diploma ITM
  • Area of Expertise: Machinist
  • Experience: 20 Years
  • Phone: 9764007528
  • Email ID: