Computer Science & Engineering Student’s Association

Computer Engineer Student Association (CESA)

Computer Engineering Students Association (CESA) is the organization initiated by students of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, AGCE,satara. It was established in 2011-12. It has been set up with the aim of improving technical knowledge of students and bringing them closer to the practical world of computer science and Engineering. Also CESA motivates students for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.

CESA is growing in quality and quantity as the years are going by bridging a strong bond among the future professionals of the department.

Sr. No. Name Class Position
1. Mr. Abhijit Pavshe T.Y. Btech President
2. Mr. Pranav Chougule S.Y. Btech Vice-President
3. Mr. Sahil Jadhav S.Y. Btech Treasurer
4. Mr. Mohin Dange T.Y. Btech Secretary
5. Ms. Tanuja Pawar S.Y. Btech Non-Technical
6. Mr. Pranav Dhavale S.Y. Btech Non-Technical
7. Ms. Smrutika Havaldar T.Y. Btech Technical Head
8. Mr. Rohan Tarde S.Y. Btech Technical Head
9. Ms. Rutuja Gaikwad T.Y. Btech Sports Head
10. Mr. Yash Rajpure S.Y. Btech Sports Head
11. Ms. Dhanashree Kadam T.Y. Btech Cultural Head
12. Mr. Sujit Hangem S.Y. Btech NSS Representative
13. Ms. Anuhshka Shinde T.Y. Btech Data Collection & Media
14. Mr. Rohan Kadam S.Y. Btech Data Collection & Media

CESA Activities

  • Lunar Rover Success celebration
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Coding Hunt Event
  • Web Mania Competition
  • Engineer's day Celebration